Addiction Recovery Ministry

Addiction Recovery

Ancora Spero means “Anchored In Hope.

Ancora Spero Addiction Ministry provides support services for addiction & recovery in Montgomery County, PA, and Southeastern, PA.

The ever-increasing substance abuse addiction epidemic is a serious issue not only for our nation, but for our local communities as well. Every day the number of people overdosing to drugs and alcohol increases. Also increasing are the families who suffer many times in silence.

The Ancora Spero Addiction Ministry was formed in 2016 by the Firely Family and a group of individuals who had personally struggled with the brokenness and heartbreak resulting from substance abuse. It was through these experiences that they learned how challenging the current system of addiction assistance and limitation of options that a vision for a new way for recovery was born.

ANCORA SPERO is a New Way of Thinking…

We are about influencing a shift in the way families, churches, and community’s thinking about addiction and recovery. Real science and effective means for recovery will be embraced by Ancora Spero and shared with the faith community, as well as others.

ANCORA SPERO is a New Way of Partnering…

Ancora Spero will represent a growing network of churches and faith organizations with a passion and purpose for rescuing lives; one life, one family, one community at a time. We will galvanize this partnership to maximize our efforts to prevent substance abuse, facilitate care, and provide long-term support that a person in recovery can count on. It is our intent through this community to create a new environment for people to thrive.

ANCORA SPERO is a New Way of Connecting…

We will utilize compassionate, life-changing approaches to individuals and families suffering with substance abuse. In contrast to a clinical culture, our approach will be highly relational treating the individual as a respected child of the living God. Our program is designed to serve them, their family, and others involved. Our process with our clients and their families will not cease at an exit door. Rather, we will be intentional about forming a growing community of friendships and relationships that will serve as a movement of healing, recovery, and restoration.