Support For You

Our services of support are intended to help individuals medically, emotionally, and spiritually through the following stages:

Stage One – Crisis Assistance Crisis Intervention – Detox Facility Referral – Guidance

We offer support and guidance for who those who:
*Seek detoxification options (Crisis Phase)
*Seek to begin the process of recovery (Recovery Phase)
*Seek guidance on next steps after rehabilitation (Stabilization Phase)
*Seek connections and opportunity to “pay it forward” (Contribution Phase)

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Ancora Spero Addiction Recovery Ministry offers individuals and families a diversity of addiction recovery support groups and services.

A comprehensive plan which provides continuous support during the various stages is an individual’s greatest chance for complete recovery and wellness. Each person and situation is unique, but every person deserves a tried and true method of help and support to achieve freedom from addiction, wellness, and wholeness.

Stage Two Recovery Rehabilitation Facility Referral – Counseling – Sober Living Homes & Other Faith -Based Programs

Stage Three – Stabilization Continuous support (classes and skills training) – housing referrals – discipleship and coaching programs

Stage Four – Contribution Coaching, Counseling, Ongoing education, community service, PAY IT FORWARD OPPORTUNITY

Are you to be well, whole, and free? Don’t struggle alone. We are here to help you by explaining your options, help you make important decisions, and walk beside you through your journey to wellness, wholeness, and FREEDOM. Aren’t YOU worth it?